Netsuite Tutorial: A Complete overview of #1 ERP

After the introduction of cloud computing technology, business complexities are now made easy.

Every organization has CRM to manage customer data, a Data warehouse to store data, an e-commerce sector to manage company accounts, and spreadsheets for manual work. However, these applications don’t share data in common.

So now here comes the introduction of ERP solution.

Let’s know what ERP is?

ERP manages and centralizes the information through an integrated database and shares it throughout the Company. ERP is a Centralized software that transfers the data with all the applications of the organization

ERP helps to make the organization work more efficiently

Now, what is the best tool in ERP?

Let me introduce you to #1 ERP technology Netsuite.

Well, let’s have a glimpse of Netsuite.

Netsuite is said to be the best ERP software that renders various kinds of services to business organizations.

So, now what is Netsuite?

I want to start with a small introduction.

Netsuite is the Only software that performs Finance and Accounting as well as holding the organization Information. Netsuite maintains the data of every employee in an organization Separately for each level of management.

Netsuite provides software and services to manage business finances, operations, and customer relations. Its software and services were tailored for small, medium-sized, and large businesses with ERP, CRM, PSA, and E-Commerce modules globally.

How is Netsuite helpful to an organization?

Here are some benefits of Netsuite to an Organisation

Netsuite is an easy-to-use software and is designed to run the whole business. Netsuite Promotes unified data modeling, and there’s no need for creating any data warehouses. Netsuite secures and also allows you to upgrade, personalize, customize, and develop the applications.

Why should we choose Netsuite?

Probably, you might think that “why should I get Netsuite For my Business.”

Well, here are some reasons

Netsuite provides software and services to manage business finances, operations, and customer relations. Companies use NetSuite for enterprise resource planning (ERP), collect inventory, track their financials, host e-commerce stores, and maintain customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Want to know more about Netsuite?

Here are some features of Netsuite

Financial features of Netsuite:

• Financial Accounting, Planning and Reporting

• Global accounts and Consolidation

• Revenue management and billing

ERP features of Netsuite:

• Business and Project Management

• Order and Warehouse Management

• Inventory and Production

• Customer Relationship Management

• Human Capital Management

• Payroll and Procurement

• Business Intelligence

So you might want to know what would be Netsuite’s future scope?

Since Cloud computing leads the share markets and software technologies, Netsuite is the only cloud technology that competes with all other Cloud technologies.

As Netsuite provides various Opportunities to an organization, an investment in Netsuite is what an organization needs.

Netsuite is Going to adopt all the Oracle technologies. Netsuite will help all large and small organizations to gain profits.

Probably anyone who gets to know about the NetSuite technology would think Can I go for Netsuite?

Netsuite provides ERP, CRM, and finance. So, anyone with Technical and financial background is eligible to learn Netsuite.

As Netsuite is a Software Technology, you might be want to know are there any prerequisites to learn Netsuite?

Yes, there are some prerequisites to learn Netsuite.

• Functional knowledge of standard ERP and CRM Business Processes

• Introduction to mapping business requirements

• The basic idea about local and integrated reporting requirements.

After this, let’s know are there any modules in Netsuite?

Well, yes, there are specific modules in Netsuite. Let’s discuss the mains

• Finance

• Procurement

• Manufacturing

• Inventory management

• Order management

• Warehouse management

• Supply chain management

• Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

• Professional Services Automation (Service Resource Management)

• Workforce management

• Human resource management (HRM)

• eCommerce

• Marketing automation

So, next, you might be willing to know how to get trained in this course?

There are several articles and plenty of websites that tell us about Netsuite. But, to get trained professionally and precisely, you are required to join the training institute. Training will be given in two modes.

Onsite Class — you will be trained by the Eligible Trainers. Participants will access the Guidewire environment via the web and Online Classes. They are recommended for groups/project teams.

Self-Study — students have access to the Guidewire environment to perform Training and take exams for a particular period. It is recommended for Agreed people.

What would be the price for Training?

The cost can be varied for institutions as well as the type of Training you get. I would suggest you check out the CloudFoundation organization page to get training at a reasonable price.

Let’s know what all Certification Courses available in Netsuite?

Netsuite is providing us two types of certification Courses they are technical and functional.

The crucial part of every study is the Exam, so let’s know how to prepare for this certification exam.

Main websites, blogs, and videos give Netsuite information, but these aren’t enough to clear the certification exam.

You are required to enroll with an institute to learn the course precisely. You will be provided with the best modes to learn Netsuite thoroughly.

Want to know more about this Certification Exam?

Here are some required information regarding Netsuite

• Proctored Exams are conducted

• Sort of time will be allotted to give the Exam

• No. of Questions will be given as per the exam rules

• Malpractices must be avoided

Based on the evidence that I presented, I would like to conclude that.

Netsuite is the #1 trending technology in Cloud management. As Oracle now takes over Netsuite, updates will be made successfully in the future concerning large and small-sized organizations.

So, if you want to go for Netsuite Software technology, as per my experience, I would recommend you to get with CloudFoundation organization as they provide the training in an organized way.

All you need is complete dedication and the best Tutorials to clear the Certification Course.

All the Best!

Does my blog lack something?

I hope my blog seems interesting to you, and if it doesn’t, I wish you to help me make it more exciting and keep me updated with new facts regarding Netsuite.



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