Are you looking for Cloud-based software that doesn’t require rebuilding applications to manage business operations?

Let me introduce you to OKTA

the best IAM(Identity and Access Management) Tool.

So, are you curious to know what Okta is?

Here I would like to start with a quick introduction. Okta deals with…


Here’s the Quick introduction for Sailpoint IdentityIQ.

Sailpoint IdentityIQ is an (IAM)Identity and Access Management type of Solution for the Organisations that need to be deployed On-premises.

IdentityIQ is the Security Management Solution that secures the Organisation’s information from Unauthorized Users with Passwords and Security Checkups. …

After the introduction of cloud computing technology, business complexities are now made easy.

Every organization has CRM to manage customer data, a Data warehouse to store data, an e-commerce sector to manage company accounts, and spreadsheets for manual work. However, these applications don’t share data in common.

So now here…

Fed up with offline-computing?

Get with the Advanced Cloud-Computing Technology to solve your business-critical problems quickly with the help of Cloud-computing.

Are you looking for an API platform to connect Applications and interact with external software? Do you want to know which is the Best ESB for application-to-application interactions?


Senior Data scientist at IBM, Kristian Sawin

So here I'm, a tech-savvy woman, navigating my way through this world, carving my niche.

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