Workday HCM Training Guide: A Workday Tutorial for Beginners

So many of you will have this question in the mind when they are starting to learn Workday. Being a trending technology, it’s always better to have a proper plan. You know, there are no documents available out there to master them.

I’m not going to cover any technical aspects of Workday, but I give you a brief description of my experience of how I managed to learn Workday. It’s always essential that we need to get the basics right.

And if you are failed to do so, then it’s challenging to work on it.

Here are a few things to learn at Workday.

# who should learn Workday?

Whenever you start thinking to learn new technology, definitely this question will arise in your mind.

Even I, too, got it. Anyone can learn Workday; there are no restrictions on it.

But, the HR background persons will have a slight edge over others.

#1: Research about the topic

Unless you know the background of it, you cannot discover the technology better. At least, you should know the basic idea like why Workday got introduced.

You know what???? I was asked the same question when I gave my interview.

Apart from that, you should also know what necessary things required to master Workday.

#2: Prerequisites

Workday HCM doesn’t require any prerequisites. But, if you want to learn the advanced topics in Workday, then you must know HTML, EIB, etc.,

#3: Search for Blogs and Videos

To have a basic understanding, you can search for blogs and videos. Even though they do not provide complete information, you can at least gain insight into it.

You can also do one thing to visit CloudFoundation, which is providing a Workday Free Demo Session. I think you better have a look over it for easy understanding.

#4: Duration to learn Workday?

I learned Workday within four weeks. You cannot learn Workday just by reading documents and preparing by yourself. It would be best if you practiced it daily so that you will get the required knowledge.

#5: Does training is required to learn Workday?

If you are a working professional, then I advise you to join online training to be easy for you to manage your time.

And the best thing with online training is that they provide you the tenant access to practice it daily.

I also had the experience of online training. It helped me a lot, and the guidance which you get from the trainers will fetch you.

#6: Interview Preparation

After I had my training, I uploaded my resume to Naukri. To clear any interview, you must be good at basics. I got very few calls, but the confidence which I got from them is precious.

All you need to clear them is a good understanding of the Workday and a practical approach.

And finally, my hard work got paid and got placed in one of the leading organization.

#7: How do I get Certification?

Before giving a certification exam, I suggest you search for the companies partnered with Workday because you cannot get Certification anywhere apart from Workday or Workday partnered companies.

In case you want to shift to another company, and you have done your Certification, it’ll be valid if your new organization is a partnered company.

So, I suggest you choose your company wisely.

#8: Prospectus or Scope of Workday

There is a better future for Workday shortly. You can see organizations are entirely looking for cloud solutions to save time and implement the work efficiently.

Try to get upgraded to other Workdays modules as well, as the advanced modules will fetch you a lot in your career.

I’m trying to say is to have the patience to create the right path for your career.

#9: Payscale

The minimum pay scale for a Workday professional in India is around 15 lacs per annum.

But, it varies depends upon the company and your experience.

The workday consultant will be a better choice if you want to start your career in Workday.

As I mentioned earlier, choose your organization wisely.

#10: Workday Partnered companies

1. Accenture

2. IBM

3. Deloitte

4. Capgemini

5. BNB

6. PWC etc.,


Workday is providing plenty of opportunities. So give your best and try to learn it effectively to get hold of a good organization job.

To remind you again, Workday doesn’t require any prerequisites.

So let me know what the different strategies you follow when you prepare for learning new technology? Dropdown your comments below

All the best!!!



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