Mulesoft Certification: Architect Level-1 Guidelines

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Are you looking for an API platform to connect Applications and interact with external software? Do you want to know which is the Best ESB for application-to-application interactions?

Well, I would like to introduce you-to MULESOFT.

So, here a question arises what Mulesoft is?

I will begin with a small introduction about mulesoft

Mulesoft is a cloud-based technology that connects devices and applications. Currently, Mulesoft Certification is one of the Trending Course. Mulesoft is a middleware application that solves Business Integration problems.

It is a Java-based middleware that is easy to use and easy to handle

Now, I know you want to know about Certification in mulesoft

So, here’s the agenda to clear the Certification in Mulesoft

I try my best to Give all the required information for the Mulesoft Certification.

This agenda contains Guidelines for MCPA certification​, Exam Material, Exam Topic by Weightage, Course Recap Recording, Mock Exam Link​, and Attempting exam.

What are the guidelines for Mulesift Certification?

To Get Certification in Mulesoft Architect, you need to have Knowledge regarding the architecture in Mulesoft.

Are there any prerequisites for a Mulesoft architect?

Well, yes, there are prerequisites for Mulesoft Architect.

• Mulesoft, Developer Level certification, is recommended in Mulesoft Architect certification

• Those who have any experience in Mulesoft are preferred for this Certification


What are the modules and topics included in the Mulesoft course?

We’ll discuss the modules in the mulesoft architect course. There are ten modules, and their Average marks, percentage, and Important modules I would like to mention.

i. Designing APIs and API Interaction-its Average score is 8. The percentage of the score is 13.79.

ii. Controlling Access to APIs-its the Average score is 7. The percentage of the score is 12.07.

iii. Establishing Organisational and Platform Foundations-its Average score is 6. The percentage of the score is 10.34.

iv. Following API-Led Connectivity-its Average score is 6, the percentage of the score is 10.34.

v. Governing APIs on Anypoint Platform-its Average score is 6. The percentage of the score is 10.34.

vi. Architecting Performant on Resilient APIs-its Average score is 6. The percentage of the score is 10.34.

vii. Explaining Application Network Basics-its Average score is 5, the percentage of the score is 8.62.

viii. Delivering APIs-its Average score is 5; the percentage of the score is 8.62.

ix. Deploying Mule Applications to Cloudhub-its Average score is 5. The percentage of the score is 8.62.

x. Monitoring and Analyzing Application Network-its Average score is 4; the percentage of the score is 6.90.

Note:- Policies and API-Led Connectivity topics are easy to pick. Monitoring, Cloud hub Architecture, Performance, Scaling are low score topics.

In addition to this, there are some essential topics for the certification exam.

• C4E Success Criteria’s​

• Anti-Corruption Layer​

• HTTPS + VPC Port Numbers (8092)​

• Caching Questions — Safe Methods, Object Store​

• Scenario-based question on VPC​

• System API, EDM, BCDM concepts​

• API Policy related questions — Rate Limiting study well​

• IPSec Tunnel & VPC Peering Concepts​

• Unit Testing and Integration Testing​

• Questions around designing Experience, Process, and System APIs​

• Questions around Shared Load Balancer and Dedicated Load Balancer​

• Coarse-grained and Fine-grained APIs

Now, here a question arises “How to prepare for this certification exam?”

For the Preparation of the Certification exam, you need to go through the videos and practice along with the tool which is regarding the Mulesoft Certification Course.

Next Comes to Mulesoft Documentation. Here, You will be provided the Manuals and videos for the preparation.

Want to know more about the Mulesoft Architect exam?

Format for the Mulesoft Level-1 is Multiple-choice, closed book, proctored online or in a testing center. The length of this test will be 58 questions.

This test’s duration is 120 minutes (2hours), and the passing score for this test is 70%. There might be a few essay Question&Answers

I’ll recommend you to follow a few points for attempting the exam.

• Go for low hanging fruits — Smaller questions because it takes less time, and you will have much time to go for essays.

• Mark longer questions for later review — Don’t spend time initially; let’s go for short ones first.

• Review all questions and answer at the end of the exam to check out if you made any mistakes or let anything unattempted

• In case of Unsuccessful attempt — Review low score topics

• Attempt the exam on the next day

Any more information regarding the mulesoft Architect level-1 exam?

I would like to give some more information regarding this exam

• Online Proctored Exam is conducted

• You will be alone while giving your exam

• The noise-free environment in your surrounding to avoid any disturbance

• Exam admin may ask to show the surrounding, to avoid any mal-practices

• Exam admin may pause the exam & cancel if he found suspicious activity

Overall I would like to say Mulesoft Architect Certification has Great opportunities in cloud Computing Management in the future. I want to suggest you Enroll With CloudFoundation And get your Certification training in Mulesoft Architect. As Mulesoft is a Software that connects the Applications, It has a good scope in the future.

Get through the Practice materials and An Explanation Video for a better understanding. Take all these things into consideration; complete the Certification exam precisely and be certified in the Mulesoft. Give your Best!!!

Is something missing?

I hope the above Information covers most things; if there’s anything that isn’t covered, please let me know.



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