Okta Certification: A better option to choose?

Are you looking for Cloud-based software that doesn’t require rebuilding applications to manage business operations?

Let me introduce you to OKTA

the best IAM(Identity and Access Management) Tool.

So, are you curious to know what Okta is?

Here I would like to start with a quick introduction. Okta deals with Security management and manages the user and group access to the Devices of the Organisation. Okta is a SaaS(Software as a Service) type of Cloud application service that carries out On-premises Operations.

How is Okta helpful to the organizations?

Okta provides a platform for Identity and access management within a single software. Unlike other software technologies, you don’t need to do much work to handle the software. Okta is an easy-to-use software that is based on SSO(Single Sign-On).

Okta allows the employees to access the applications with a Secured and single login. Okta Provides Customized login for employees with required security solutions.

Why should you choose Okta technology for your business?

Okta is mainly designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Okta Secures every sensitive data of the customer with the help of SML keys and secured Encryption. Okta also promotes troubleshooting, seamless integration, and secured access.

So here, Okta is an Independent software security provider that suits Multi-cloud based companies.

Want to know more about Okta?

Okta also deals with API access management as well as Life-cycle management. Okta provides multi-factor authentication and security layer for mobile, Cloud, and web applications on all organizations’ devices.

Okta helps organizations with seamless integrations. Okta uses strong Encryption to secure the crucial information of the organization.

What would be the future scope of Okta Technology?

As we know, Okta is a developing technology. More than 4000 companies use Okta software. It is expected that the future of Okta will be passwordless. It is observed that employees are used insecure methods to secure their access.

Expected implementation would be facial recognition and fingerprint authentication. Okta would spread its security solutions in a much-advanced way.

What are the Career opportunities with Okta?

Okta is providing us plenty of career opportunities. I would say the Okta administrator is the best one to go for.

Well, now you may want to know what the responsibilities of the Okta Administrator are?

I want to give a brief about the works of the Okta Administrator.

Administrators use the Okta Policy framework to control user access, understand how to map identity attributes and data transformations using Universal Directory, and troubleshoot issues. You need to clear the Certification exam to be the Okta Administrator.

Next comes a doubt about the requirements to learn Okta technology.

ü What are the prerequisites to learn Okta?

Here are a few prerequisites to learn Okta:

• You need Two years of experience in a technical role

• Three to six months of on-job experience with Okta in Security and identity management

• You need one year of job experience in Okta service

• You are required to complete Training in Okta Essentials.

• What are the guides to become the Okta Administrator?

Here you provided the proper guides to gain Okta administrator Certification.

To Gain Certification in Okta, you need to consider a few things. Okta Certified Administrators are technically proficient at managing the Okta service.

They have extensive knowledge about how Okta enables advanced User Lifecycle Management scenarios involving mobile devices, security policy frameworks, supported SSO options, and advanced directory integration for Cloud and on-premise access.

Want to know details about Okta Administrator Training?

Let’s discuss Training details; by enrolling in any tutorials, you will be getting two training types.

One is Live Instructor-based. You will be having live sessions with the help of a trainer and another self-paced in which you will get learning materials to study on your own. You will be provided a catalog that contains the content of OKTA.

Let us know some Precautions for the OKTA training. Okta Education Services offers a range of classes and training materials to prepare for this certification exam.

Here are some topics which are covered in okta essentials:

• Module 1: Okta Overview

• Module 2: Define Your Users in Okta

• Module 3: Configure External Directories

• Module 4: Configure Groups

• Module 5: Configure SSO and Provisioning

• Module 6: Configure Custom App Integrations

• Module 7: Manage Access Request Workflows

• Module 8: Configure Universal Directory

• Module 9: Implement the Okta Policy Framework

• Module 10: Customize Okta

• Module 11: Monitor Your Okta Org

• Module 12: Practical

After comes the Certification exam preparation.

How to prepare for this Certification Exam?

Now I would like to suggest to you regarding the exam preparation.

Although attending a training class alone does not guarantee success on an Okta Certification exam, we strongly recommend that candidates for certification attend Okta Essentials (an instructor-led training course with labs) in preparation for this Exam. You will also get Materials and videos for a better understanding.

Let’s get to the exam details.

• Online Proctored Examination is conducted

• The number of Questions included is 60

• Duration for this examination is 90 mins

• Test Format of this Examination is Multiple Choice

• The cost for the registration of the Exam is $250

In conclusion:

Overall, I would Conclude that OKTA is the Independent Software Technology in Cloud Management that manages user access and provides secured Encryption for the customer data. One of the benefits of Okta is when an employee leaves the organization permanently, he will lose all access to the applications then themselves.

So, I would suggest you get trained by the CloudFoundation for the best Training. You will be supplied with the best modes to complete the certification as OKTA provides the best Career options in Cloud Computing.

By considering these things, take your Training entirely and confidently give your certification exam — all the best for your Training and Exam.

Is there anything that I haven’t included in my blog?

I hope you let me know if there’s any information that I haven’t covered in my views and keep me updated.



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