SailPoint Certification Guide


Here’s the Quick introduction for Sailpoint IdentityIQ.

Sailpoint IdentityIQ is an (IAM)Identity and Access Management type of Solution for the Organisations that need to be deployed On-premises.

IdentityIQ is the Security Management Solution that secures the Organisation’s information from Unauthorized Users with Passwords and Security Checkups. Sailpoint IdentityIQ secures your Business’ Crucial information with high-Security Control.

Sailpoint Deals with Deploy Management, Designing Software, Managing Passwords, Assess management, User authentication, And Security Control over the Organisations.

A Sailpoint IdentityIQ Architect Carries all the security work. Along with that, A sailpoint Architect Develops, Updates, and makes Required Implementations regarding the Software.

Do you Know Sailpoint IdentityIQ is one of the most Trending Stream in the Market? Do you know A Sailpoint IdentityIQ Architect is one of the most preferred professionals?

Let’s have a brief description of Certification:-

To get Certification in Sailpoint IdentityIQ architect, You need to consider a few things.

The SailPoint Certified IdentityIQ Architect Exam measures the candidate’s ability to design, implement, deploy, configure, extend, or support IdentityIQ in their customers’ organizations.

To pass this exam, you should have a good understanding of compliance and identity governance processes.

Architects guide the customer in requirements gathering and advise how different parts of the product can fulfill the customer’s needs as part of the design process.

They are considered experts and need to understand the inner workings of IdentityIQ and translate customer needs into a suitable and maintainable solution.

Topics involved in the Certification are:-

The main topics that are covered in this Course are mentioned below.

• Performing Basic Configuration

• Implementing Intelligent Authentication

• Controlling Access Using Authorization

• Extending Services Using OAuth 2.0-Based Protocols

• Preparing for Production

• Federating Across Entities Using SAML v.2 (SAML2)

Target Audience for this Certification:-

The following candidates can choose Sailpoint IdentityIQ Certification Stream.

• Information Security Analyst / Administrator

• Information Assurance (IA) Security Officer

• Information Security Manager / Specialist

• Information Systems Security Engineer / Manager

• Information Security Professionals / Officers

• Information Security / IT Auditors

• Risk / Threat / Vulnerability Analyst

• System Administrators

• Network Administrators and Engineers

Certification Exam Details:-

Next comes The Examination details.

This Exam uses the Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC) question format, a unique system for multiple-choice testing.

DOMC is designed to protect the integrity of multiple-choice tests. By extension, the test-takers, from some of the pitfalls of traditional multiple-choice tests.

Instead of showing all the answer options at once, a series of options are randomly presented one at a time.

· Proctored Exams are conducted

· The number of Questions allotted in the Examination is 100

· The duration of the Exam is 2 hours

· Format of the Examination is Multiple Choice

· The price of this exam is $500

Final Conclusion:-

In the final analysis, I would like to say that Sailpoint IdentityIQ Architect Stream is one of the best Courses that would lead you to grow with Cloud Computing.

As I mentioned above, Sailpoint IdentityIQ software is an IAM and IDM business solution; it has a good Scope in IT Business Solutions Field. Get the Course and gain Certification in it.

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