Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training: Things to know before you choose the most exciting Cloud Platform

Cloud Computing.! I hope you people are far aware of this most trending term,

Well., In Short terms, It is a New age Computer technology that is Internet-based.

I think many of you are also familiar with CRM., right.!

Yeah, Customer Relationship Management.

Today in my blog, I will detail the Cloud Computing model, which uses the CRM tool.


Before getting into the detailed review of this topic, I want to let you know a little CRM description.

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool or process that creates and manages marketing relationships.

It engages conversations with current and potential customers.

How does Salesforce Marketing Cloud use CRM tools?

Well, Salesforce Marketing Cloud uses a CRM tool that helps businesses to maintain and access data of customers through two technologies:

· Predictive Scoring

· Predictive Audience

These technologies help marketers predict the customer’s interest in opening an email, interacting with the call to action, and purchasing something.

What are the features involved in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

There are lots of features involved in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

These derived into two forms:


· Email Studio:

It collects data from different departments and makes marketers create personalized email templates to drive regular customer’s authentic leads.

· Mobile Studio:

We have two mobile push and mobile devices; through mobile connect, we can send SMS. Through mobile push, we can send push notifications.

· Social Studio:

Using Social Studio You can reach out to customers through social channels like Facebook, Twitter, et.

· Advertising studio:

Using Advertising studio, you can broadcast our brands and advertise them.

· Web Studio:

Using web Studio, you can build out websites and forms and pages, etc. You can collect feedback from customers using forms and subscription centers and add to the marketing cloud.


These are the Few platforms that work on top of these channels

· Journey Builder:

Marketers mostly use this platform to reach out to the customers and

build customer’s journey within the marketing cloud, and It is the

most important Concept among all the platforms.

· Audience Builder:

It maintains all the contacts of customers within the marketing cloud.

· Content Builder:

You can store, build, create, upload content like emails, images within the content builder.

· Analytics Builder:

You can build reports, use familiar words, and maintain the

systematic analysis of data within Analytics Builder.

· Marketing Cloud Connect:

We use Marketing Cloud Connect to Integrate the Service Cloud to

Marketing Cloud.

Okay., this is a brief description of Marketing Cloud Features, and Among all of these, Journey Builder plays a key role as Marketers most use it.

Are there any Prerequisites to learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

And it’s a No., There are no prerequisites required to learn Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

As Marketing Cloud’s native language is AMSCRIPT, It is familiar to Javascript. It also uses HTML and .NET in the backend.

If you are aware of these programming languages, that will help you understand the subject quickly.

What makes Salesforce Marketing Cloud Special? How it differs from other platforms?

You know! Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one of the principal Cloud computing platforms, and it has lots of unique features; some of them are:

§ Data security:

The customer’s Data is end-to-end encrypted, which is very secured.

§ Customer satisfaction:

As Marketing Cloud has numerous tools and features, you can build better Customer Satisfaction.

§ Customize Marketing tools:

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, You can customize the marketing tools as per your brand’s needs.

What about the Certification Details?

Certification is the foremost thing for every person who learns a course, As it is the one which makes your career a fruitful one.

As soon as you complete your training, don’t rush to apply for the certification exam. As it is the most crucial factor, you must be very thorough with the subject you have learned, after getting perfection then attend the Exam.

Here are the details of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certification exam:

§ Marketing Cloud Administrator

§ Marketing Cloud Consultant

§ Marketing Cloud Developer

§ Marketing Email Specialist

§ Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant

§ Pardot Consultant

§ Pardot Specialist

You must follow some Guidelines to attend the certification exam; Here are they:

Ø Exams are Online Proctored.

Ø You will be alone while giving your Exam.

Ø The noise-free environment in your surrounding to avoid any disturbance.

Ø Exam admin may ask to show the surroundings to avoid any mal-practices.

Ø Exam admin may pause the Exam & cancel if he found suspicious activity.

When you complete your certification exam successfully, you are required to get your testimonials.

After Gaining the Credentials, you need to update your resume with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud skills and relevant skills accordingly.

What are the companies using Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

There is an Aggregate number of Companies using Salesforce Marketing Cloud; some of those are:

§ Adidas

§ Aston martin

§ Loreal

§ Unilever

§ Michelin

§ Farmers Insurance

§ Financial Times

§ American Redcross

§ Eurostar

§ GE Capital


To Conclude, I want to add on some points about Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

You can track customer’s details across multiple devices on one integrated software. With tremendous insights on the customer journey, it is the best among salesforce offerings.

Once check out the CloudFoundation training platform that helped me build the right career path, It feeds you a better knowledge.

I hope you get placed in a Renowned Organizations.




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